Bathroom Asbestos Removal In Three Steps

Asbestos was used in the construction industry for over 100 years. Was used as a heat insulator, and offered fire resistance. It stopped being used once it was discovered that it was responsible for several respiratory diseases seen in people who were exposed to it over long periods of time. Some of the diseases it causes include mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

As its dangers came to light, many people felt the need to have this substance removed from their homes altogether. Asbestos can be found in any part of the house, including in your bathroom. Should you find some asbestos in your bathroom, there some types of bathroom asbestos removal you can choose from. The first one is that you can opt to have a professional asbestos removal company come and remove it for you. The second option is you can choose to remove it yourself.

If you opt for a professional to remove it, there are several things you should do first.

  • Do backgrounds check of the companies you have in mind. Never choose the first company you come across. Do a thorough check of companies near you. Check out their website and testimonials to get a feel of the quality of work they do. Ask for recommendations from friends and family who have had the asbestos in their homes removed. Once you settle on a particular company, email them photos and ask for a quote. If need be, a representative will be sent to your home to assess it in person.
  • Ask questions. Just because they are professionals does not mean that you should not ask questions. Ask them how long they are expected to take, what kind of equipment they’ll be using etc.

If you choose to remove the asbestos yourself, there are several ways in which you can do this.

1. Dry Removal Method

This particular method is best used when your bathroom has good conductors of electricity or live wires. Using water to remove the asbestos will only put you in harm’s way. In this case, you will need to ensure you are wearing full protective gear because asbestos can easily become airborne with the slightest scratch. Working on it while dry will increase the chances of you spreading it to other parts of the house. That is why you are required to be extra careful.

2. Water Saturation And Injection

This method involves removing very thick asbestos which is commonly found in bathrooms. As mentioned earlier, asbestos easily becomes airborne, so wetting it through the use of special injections, helps prevent this. Those injections cannot be used again, and should instead be thrown away as part of the asbestos waste. Water is injected directly into the asbestos, saturating it. Once it is fully saturated, the asbestos can be removed.

3. Wet Removal Method

Similar to the second method, this one entails wetting the asbestos under low pressure. The dampness will make it hard for the asbestos particles to become airborne. It is important that all parts of the bathroom remain wet during the entire process. This is to ensure that no asbestos fiber makes its way into other parts of the house.